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Google Certified Associate Android Developer

About Me

  • Full Name : Francisco Moya Pérez
  • Birthday : 27 April 1991
  • Job : Software Engineer
  • Website :
  • Email : f.moya1991[@]

I’m Francisco Moya

I’m a curious person who was born on 1991 in a small city in the south of Spain, Jaén. I am a hardworking person since I was little, I went to the HH.Maristas school since 3 to 18 years old and there I discovered my passion for technology and got good friends. After that, I went to the University of Jaén in order to study Computer Science. First I got a BSc in Computer Science in 2012 and then I got an MSc in 2014 in Computer Science too. Nowadays, I am working in a great startup based in Madrid called Wave as Senior Android Developer and I am studying a Research Master in Software Engineering and Computer Systems at the National Distance Education University (UNED) of Spain.

During my degree, I realized that I love to develop mobile products because you can see who millions of people use your app. Because of this, I have been working in several mobile products since I finished my degree. In my resume, you can check my contribution in several apps in different enterprises last years. In addition, in my portfolio, you can check my freelance projects, both mobile and web projects.

Main Skills

  • Android Development

  • Java

  • Swift

  • Git

  • Web Server APIs

  • iOS Development

Android & iOS Apps
Backend Web Services
Web Development

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My Resume

Google Certified Associate Android Developer

April 2017


Master in Software Engineering and Computer Systems

2014 - Present

National Distance Education University - UNED (Spain)

MSc in Computer Science

2009 - 2014

University of Jaén (Spain)

Senior Android Developer

2016 - Present

Wave Application
Wave is the simplest way to share your location privately and in real time with your friends and family.

Senior Android Developer

2015 - 2016

Save money by calling free through the internet dozens of countries in exchange for advertising

Android & iOS Developer


It develops Marketing Intelligence solutions for: Shopping Centers & Malls, Retailers, Airports and railway stations, Hotels and hospitals, Leisure parks, attractions, museums and other public spaces

Researcher & Developer

2014 - 2015

University of Jaén (Spain)
Employed to perform a research project in the research group ”Intelligent Systems Based on Fuzzy Decision Analysis” of the University of Jaén.

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My Portfolio

  • All
  • Applications
  • Web Design

Wave Let's Meet App

Share your LIVE locations between friends 100% privately



Build your own guide!


My Garage

Your cars management on Android

My Garage

Spanish Christmas Lottery

Android app to realtime check the Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery

Sports Manager & Sports Manager Plus

Android App to create, manage and share sport events with your friends

Sports Manager


Web App designed for Firefox OS. Save money travelling by AVE


Sinbad2 Research Group Website 2015

Intelligent Systems Based on Fuzzy Decision Analysis

Sinbad2 Research Group Website

Spanish Child Lottery

Android app to realtime check the Spanish Child Lottery

Spanish Child Lottery

WhereIsMyCar App

This Android app let you to see where your car was parked in a map

WhereIsMyCar App

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